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Trained at Iver Academy at the world famous Pinewood Studios, Mazz is a Sheffield based, fully qualified and insured hair and makeup artist, available for a wide variety of services. With experience across film, tv, theatre, fashion, bridal and public events, Mazz is able to tailor each experience to your specific needs.

I am in the process of creating a new website at a new web address. I will continue to monitor my email address, however there are going to be several changes. After August, this website will no longer exist. Read more about this change here.

About Me

When I left school, I thought my path was laid out in front of me. I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do with my life and how the next five years were going to run. I was going to have a gap year to have some hip surgery and then I was going to go to Music College to get a degree in Classical Singing and become an Opera Singer. So off I went on my gap year, I had my hips sorted out, and got myself a place at Royal Welsh College of Music and drama. Just before my place was confirmed however, I decided to do a ten day hair and makeup course with Illamasqua and the Hair Project in Hoxton, because I did have an interest in hair and makeup and thought it would be a good backup plan if things went wrong.

Now, I wouldn't say that things went wrong exactly. I started my course in Cardiff in September 2013 with a working pair of hips and a head full of dreams! However, as time wore on, I began to doubt my choices. I started doing makeup for college productions, and productions with companies associated with college. In the Summer between my second and third year, I auditioned to be a Disney Princess, and when I was unsurprisingly unsuccesful, I thought about doing the Erasmus foreign exchange, but my college of choice wasn't available. I then decided that I was looking at these options because I wasn't happy, and wanted to focus on makeup.

So in the October half term, I went to visit Iver Academy, which had been Greasepaint when I first came across it, and booked my place on their Advanced Certificate in Hair and Makeup Artistry starting in January 2016, and that was it! Soon after I left Cardiff, I was offered a place on Welsh National Youth Opera's production of 'Kommilitonen!' which I had auditioned for at the start of my third year. However when it was offered to me, I felt absolutely no desire to take up the role, or any regret at leaving that life behind.

Since graduating from Iver Academy in August 2016, I have enjoyed doing a wide variety of work, and have started a monthly blog where you can stay up to date with what I have been doing, and keep an eye out for where I'm going to be! So have a look around my website, and please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions!